Choo Huat Tan

Power Improvement Meter
805.1 Watts (+13.50%)
Strength Improvement Meter
39.5Kg (+17.52%)
Weekly Volume
Recovery Times Guide

Recovery runs are an important part of training. We have a high focus on technique, it provides an opportunity to learn new technical components as well as recovering muscles from high speed sessions.

The times below are the acceptable range that the runs should be completed in.

60m: 10.8 - 11.9

80m: 14.4 - 15.9

100m: 18.0 - 19.9

150m: 27.0 - 29.8

200m: 36.0 - 39.7

300m: 54.1 - 59.6

Last Workout

Squat Jump: 15 reps on 2020-09-06
1493.1W 23.4% (1112.0W - 1716.0W)
1.05m/s -8.7% (0.86m/s - 1.22m/s)
60.0Kg 39.1% (40.0Kg - 80.0Kg)
0.21m -12.5% (0.18m - 0.25m)
0.95m/s -1.0% (0.68m/s - 1.45m/s)

SquatPin: 30 reps on 2020-09-06
789.1W 0.0% (369.0W - 1149.0W)
0.42m/s 0.0% (0.29m/s - 0.56m/s)
55.67Kg 0.0% (40.0Kg - 80.0Kg)
0.41m 0.0% (0.34m - 0.49m)
0.13m/s 0.0% (0.01m/s - 0.35m/s)

Average Speed m/s

The average speed of the athlete in different situations over various distances
Squat Jump
Reps: 43 Last Workout: 2020-09-06
Current Form +23.3%
Last Workout +23.3%
Flying 60
Sessions: 2 Last run: 2020-07-10
Total Average Speed: 7.13 m/s
Last Session Speed: 8.46 m/s
Flying 30
Sessions: 4 Last run: 2020-06-28
Total Average Speed: 6.42 m/s
Last Session Speed: 7.69 m/s
Sessions: 2 Last run: 2020-05-24
Total Average Speed: 6.54 m/s
Last Session Speed: 7.58 m/s
Sessions: 3 Last run: 2020-08-13
Total Average Speed: 5.81 m/s
Last Session Speed: 5.28 m/s
Sessions: 3 Last run: 2020-06-19
Total Average Speed: 6.64 m/s
Last Session Speed: 7.4 m/s
Squat Jump
Report Card for the 150m sprint session

You've performed a 150 session 3 times.

Your average time based on all your results is 22.59 secs (6.64m/s)

You only did one run in your last session on 2020-06-19 and it was better than your overall average by 2.32 secs

Taking a closer look at your last two sessions....

You did 1 reps in the most recent session and 4 reps in a session 11 days prior

Your only run in this most recent session was better than your average time the last time you did it on 2020-06-08 by 2.86 secs

Beating your last session average by this much is significant.

Your only run in the last session (20.27) was thankfuly better than your slowest rep in the session before (24.45) by 4.18 secs. There would be trouble if it wasn't.

Your only run in the last session (20.27) was better than your best run in the session before (21.71) by 1.44 secs.

This is amazing.

You got a new PB for this session of 20.27 secs

This means your estimated 100m race time on tartan would be 13.36 secs

Vertical Jump with Ballistic Ball - Monthly Power
Squat Jump - Monthly Weight (Kg)
Squat Jump - Monthly Power