Choo Huat Tan

Last Workout

Power Clean: 15 reps on 2020-11-11
2121.5W 0.0% (1379.0W - 2500.0W)
1.08m/s 0.0% (0.74m/s - 1.4m/s)
30.0Kg 0.0% (30.0Kg - 30.0Kg)
1.08m 0.0% (0.78m - 1.34m)
0.1m/s 0.0% (0.0m/s - 0.31m/s)

Squat Jump: 16 reps on 2020-11-11
1763.0W 27.4% (1590.0W - 1931.0W)
1.22m/s 0.8% (1.13m/s - 1.3m/s)
60.0Kg 27.6% (60.0Kg - 60.0Kg)
0.22m -8.3% (0.18m - 0.29m)
1.16m/s 8.4% (0.98m/s - 1.31m/s)


Average Power: 1158.4 Watts

Improvement Rate: +4.78%

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Average Weight used: 35.1 Kg

Improvement Rate: +4.00%

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Average Speed: 7.64 m/s

Improvement Rate: 15.66%

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Total Results: 143

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