Kaishu Terley

Recovery Times Guide

Recovery runs are an important part of training. We have a high focus on technique, it provides an opportunity to learn new technical components as well as recovering muscles from high speed sessions.

The times below are the acceptable range that the runs should be completed in.

60m: 17.3 - 19.0

80m: 23.0 - 25.4

100m: 28.8 - 31.7

150m: 43.1 - 47.6

200m: 57.5 - 63.4

300m: 86.3 - 95.1

Average Speed m/s

The average speed of the athlete in different situations over various distances
Report Card for the 150m sprint session

This is the first time you've completed the 150m session, so I can't really compare to past results

Regarding your consistency, the spread of your times was 3.95 secs

This is actually pretty bad start. You need to work a lot harder in this area. Either warm up better or don't run when have nothing left in the tank

It's your first result, so your PB for this session is 32.35 secs

What I can tell you is that your estimated 100m race time on tartan would be 18.95 secs