Link Description
04-July Ashley vs Ryan 300m We battle it out like everyone else in the squad did the day before
Alana - Jump in slomo 24-May Last rep in the Jumps training session - Serious hang time !!
Starts Clinic 13-May 3 minute slomo video of athletes starts
Flying 30s Results 10/11-May Detailed results of the Flying 30s Session on 10/11-May
80 Results 03-May Detailed results of the 80m session. Full recovery, from blocks
Videos of starts 30-Apr Videos if the 60 starts in the 60's + 200 session on 30April
3 x (3 x 100m results) 27-Apr Results of the 3x100m with 1 minute recovery, 15 mins between sets
20m Starts Photo's of the 20m Starts 7 May 2020
quicksense android apk Quicksense APK